Background Story

I am a Computer Geek.  It all started in college when I discovered online bulletin board systems and IRC (Inter Relay Chat). Soon, I was playing text-based role playing games and meeting new people.

My passion has always been in communication, publishing, journalism, photography, radio, and broadcasting.

When I first started creating web sites and learning how to write HTML, I was completely hooked. I took several classes in computer languages and enjoyed being able to program computers.

Eventually, I fell back on my love of photography to land my first job out of college. I applied for a photography position at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. During the interview, the hiring manager told me she was impressed with the fact that I had an online resume and knew HTML.

Little did I know, she had a vision. The School of Medicine did not yet have a web site. That manager hired me as a photographer managing a studio and developing film and slides in a dark room. PowerPoint was a new concept to the faculty doctors who did not trust the technology. I would create presentations in PPT and then print them to a film printer so they could be made into physical slides to be presented from a projector. I performed the whole process from designing slides, to printing to film, processing the film in a film processor, drying the slides, mounting the slides and populating the carousel. These were always sent with the doctors as a backup to the digital PPT files I would load onto their computers.

Within a year I was promoted to Digital Image Specialist, specializing in Photoshop. Six months later I was again promoted to Web Developer. I worked with a Graphic Artist, and between the two of us, we brought the entire campus of KUMC-W online.

After a few years working together at KUMC-W, my manager left to start a training department at LSI Logic Storage Systems in the Sales and Marketing Education department. A few months later, she recruited me to help with eLearning. I remained with the company for ten years. During that time we grew the training department from a four-person team to a thirty-five person team and created thousands of hours of training.

When NetApp bought LSI/Engenio, I left for a year to work as a Digital Marketing Director for Scholfield Hyundai in Wichita. I enjoyed promoting a product I believe in (have had three Hyundais to date).

In early 2013, I had the opportunity to return to, what was now NetApp, to start a training team for the ESeries Customer Support group. I returned to the company and remained there for three more years.

In 2016, NetApp had a 12% workforce layoff to cut one billion dollars, and my position was eliminated as part of this process. I decided to take the opportunity to spend the summer with my family, and am now gearing up to find where my next career opportunity will be!


Paula Stout Burke