Management References

Dan Albert – Paula’s Manager 2 Years
Education/Change Management, Project/Program Management
As Paula’s direct supervisor for 2+ years, I can comfortably say that she is one of the most competent employees I have ever managed.
Paula not only has impressive skills as a true Instructional Designer, she combines that with web design/graphics and impressive project management and documentation capabilities. Her ability to gather needs from SME resources is ‘as good as it gets.’
I am proud to have worked with her and wish that our paths could cross again in the future.

Patty Crowell – Paula’s Manager 10+ Years
IBM FlashSystems Channel Enablement
Paula is a talented web specialist who learns new tools very quickly. Her creative skills ensure that sites are engaging, but she also ensures they are targeted at the user and easy to use. This common sense approach is critical in business. I have always appreciated the fact that Paula would ask the right questions to design and implement the proper online solution. Paula is also an exceptional photographer. This skill extends to her many capabilities with digital tools as she can combine her talents into videos, courses, and marketing materials. Paula was one of my go-to people because I could always depend on her to meet the project needs and to exceed her customers’ expectations. She works exceptionally well in a team environment and can always be counted on to fulfill her role on the team.

Tonya Witherspoon – Paula’s Manager 3 Years
Chief Business Development Officer
Paula has exceptional web, graphics, and interactive and social media skills. She works tirelessly to keep up on all upcoming online development trends and is a leader in communication strategy and implementation. Her technical skill is coupled with an uncanny ability to work with people from a wide range of skill sets across all corporate levels. She drives to identify and solve the root problem; not just find a band-aid for the current issue. Paula is a valuable asset to any organization looking for a dedicated professional willing to go above and beyond.

Professional Peer References

Steve Reed - Sr. Instructional Designer

Seldom in my 25 year career in adult learning have I found someone who embodies the professionalism, leadership, creativity and team spirit that every organization desires in an employee.
Paula Burke is within that elite small circle of super performers and will surely will positively impact the company that hires her. She has rock solid ISD skills, from front to back of the process, a wonderfully creative mind for design in both courses and any visual elements with the course, and considerable expertise in managing the content within environments such as LMS and Sharepoint systems.
Paula is an initiator; when she sees a need, or a better way to do things, she effectively communicates to the rest of the team the plan or means to implement the change(s). She gets team buy-in and implements what needs to be done quickly and documents the changes and communicates to the rest of the team.
Her creativity causes her to seek out new solutions in her career field, and when she finds something that can improve the process or product, she shares with the team. In summary, if I were to start a company in adult learning, she would be one of the first hires I would make. I highly recommend her to any company looking to improve their learning development efforts.

James Brigman - Technical Training Content Developer

Do you wish you had a way to more effectively communicate crucial points of project status to employees and stakeholders in your company?
You need a “Dashboard.” Paula conceived, produced and updated the Dashboard concept for our team. We didn’t even know we needed one, but as she shared this concept with her teammates, she educated us on how to solve the problem of effectively reporting to our stakeholders what we were doing.
Do you need an education portal because your employees are in bad need of training, but you don’t know how to deliver it to them? Again, you want Paula. She built systems and services for our educational portals to provide our customers with a means to sign up for, take, and then test themselves available internal technical skills training.
And of course, she did these things while developing new eLearning and Instructor-based learning courses for use by technical support engineers across two separate business sections.
Paula was a member of the team of Educational Designers and Developers which I was also a part of, so we worked closely together, several times on the same project.
Paula is skilled, imaginative, incredibly productive and a remarkable teammate. Her ability to produce effective, impactful training is remarkable: she listens carefully to the business problem, identifies the stakeholders, sets up the project with the important documentation and moves forward in a professional, reliable way that minimizes risk and maximizes success.
Do you have to train your employees? Do you need a relevant, precise and important dashboard reporting capability? You need Paula!

Brian M Collins - Technical Trainer

Working with Paula was always a joy. She was fast, accurate, and always delivered spectacular results. As well as being able to turn out great content, she also displayed a level of understanding around adult learning theory and how to apply it to the task or project at hand. A forward-thinking thought leader, Paula is always on top of the latest tools, techniques, and strategies in the training world. I would welcome her in any learning organization of which I was a part. 

Tiffani Johnson - Technical Content Developer

Paula was my go-to person in a lot of areas. Her background in training development, project management and related applications had me in awe. I so wanted to have her skill set! I was able to learn quite a lot from her, either through her documentation, her live tutorials, or her explanatory emails. I suspect that if I continued to learn from her for a few years, I would eventually be half as good as her.

Scot Hays - Computer Techician

I have known Paula since she started at LSI back in 2000. She has always had the “Can Do” attitude. She is always cheerful, and brightens everyone’s day, even though her day may not be going well.
She is constantly wanting to learn new things, and is a quick learner as well as a team player. As the IT Tech, it was very easy to walk her through various problem fixes. If she had a problem with her computer, she did great in troubleshooting the situation prior to contacting me.

Carol Trissell - Technical Trainer

Paula is a very talented web designer and photographer. She has excellent Photoshop skills and is a great resource for graphics and web based resources for technical education projects and materials. She is extremely organized, can work independently and follows through to ensure that the job gets done correctly and in a timely manner. Paula is always willing to offer her assistance and has an excellent rapport with her team members. She is detailed-oriented and always gives 110% effort to any project that she is assigned.

Paula Stout Burke