Hobbies & Interests


 I was a photographer in College. I worked in the campus darkroom and assisted with the photography classes. I also ran the newspaper darkroom and served as photographer for the newspaper and yearbook. I edited the yearbook two years as well. I went to work for KU Medical School as a photographer where I ran the studio and darkroom as well as shooting photos for the clinic. In recent years, I have kept photography as a hobby.  My photo site is on Facebook.

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In 2008 I became a member of the Wichita Fire Department as a volunteer fire photographer. My earlier work can be seen at http://www.wichitafire.org. I moved outside of Wichita and continued fire photography for the city of Halstead.

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I am an avid road cyclist. I began with a Bianchi and now ride an Orbea Diva.  I have participated in 8 Biking Across Kansas annual events during which we ride 500+ miles from Colorado to Missouri across the state of Kansas. Yes. We have hills, but the wind is the absolute WORST. BAK is an incredible experience.
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In 2004 I discovered the world of Mountain Biking and Racing. I won the first race I entered and was immediately hooked.


In February 2016 I received my NREMT – National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. I began study for this skill because, as a fire photographer, I am often the first person on scene. I wanted to acquire the skills to be able to put the camera down and help people when they need it most. I currently volunteer for Halstead Fire/EMS.

 When older homes, barns, and other structures are slated to be destroyed, I take them apart as best I can to salvage doors, windows, fixtures, and anything that might be re-purposed to give it a new life. I have a great appreciation for old, crusty items. The charm and experience, the stories I imagine they could tell. The people who have lived and loved in and around them. It all has a very romantic feel.

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Paula Stout Burke