Volunteer Experience

Halstead EMS

In February 2016 I received my NREMT – National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. I began study for this skill because, as a fire photographer, I am often the first person on scene. I wanted to acquire the skills to be able to put the camera down and help people when they need it most. I currently volunteer for Halstead Fire/EMS.


Wichita 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb Photographer

 The director of the memorial stair climb requested me as the photographer for the 2015 & 2016 events. I spent the day climbing the stairs with the firefighters and taking photos. By my count, I climbed 89 flights of stairs the day of the first climb.

Photos: https://paula.smugmug.com/2016-Wichita-911-Memorial/

The 2016 poster produced by an ad agency using my photos.

The 2016 poster produced by an ad agency using my photos.

Kansas Firefighter Calendar Candid Photographer

Serving as a “Behind the Scenes” photographer to document the calendar activity leading up to publication. I also created the original http://www.kansasfirefightercalendar.com/ site and often help with updating and editing.

IMG_9969     IMG_0726     IMG_0604

Search and Rescue Victim

Over a two day period, I was a photographer as well as a victim who hid in the trunk of a car for a few hours while KSARDA dogs competed.
Photos: https://paulas.smugmug.com/2015-KSARDA-Testing-Salina-KS/


I hid in the trunk of the green car for the search dog to find me.


Me in an upside-down car trunk waiting for search dogs.

Fire Department Photographer

I am member of the Wichita Fire Department’s staff of four photographers. I volunteer to go on scene whenever possible for the various calls that come in. I am one of four fire photographers on staff. You can see much of our work here: http://www.wichitafire.org/. I moved 30 miles north of Wichita in 2013 and also volunteer for Halstead EMS/Fire Department as a photographer and EMT.


Geared up for fire training.


Photographing on scene.

Disaster Response Communications

 Immediately following the Greensburg, Kansas tornado, communications systems were unusable. The only means of communication that worked was text messaging and handing out flyers. I lead a team to set up a text messaging system to allow residents to subscribe for alerts about important information. Photos from that day: https://www.flickr.com/photos/paulastout/albums/72157606726464987


Decorating Greensburg

 As part of a team I helped collect Christmas decorations for Greensburg. We collected from drop boxes at all of the Wichita Walgreens stores and used them to decorate the FEMA trailers which had been set up as classrooms in Greensburg.

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/paulastout/albums/72157606775671427


Paula Stout Burke